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Mr. V. K. Mathew, CEO AVI-OIL  The article published in Aviation world [Wing India 2018] Hyderabad 
Aeromag Interview with AVI OIL-CEO 140x100
Mr. V. K. Mathew, CEO Avi-Oil speaks Aeromag on the Company’s product portfolio, thrust areas and related matters.
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Mr. V.K. Mathew, CEO, Avi-Oil, in an interview with Mr. Vishal Kashyap, Aviation World.
Avi-Oil and our joint venture partner NYCO, France attended the 19th Lubricating Grease Conference (NLGI-India Chapter) in Varanasi, India from February 2nd to the 4th. Mr. Siegfried Lucazeau, […]
CEO's Interview in Aeromag 2017-sm
CEO of AVI-OIL, Mr. V.K. Mathew appeared with his views on “Avi-Oil Leaning on Aviation and Industrial Lubricants” ….. published in Aeromag Asia “Face to Face” during AeroIndia […]
V. K. Mathew, CEO of Avi-Oil, sits down with TOGY to discuss his company’s current field of operations, challenges facing diversification in the lubricants sector and advice to […]
NYCO introduces Nycobase® 30409 FG, new HX-1 certified multipurpose synthetic ester NYCO has recently gained NSF HX-1 registration for a new synthetic ester, Nycobase® 30409 FG, a multipurpose […]
NYCO introduces Nycobase® 9670X, high temperature neopolyol ester with enhanced volatility and lubricity NYCO is introducing Nycobase® 9670X, a new neopolyol ester with enhanced high temperature stability and […]

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