These products protect against corrosion, in particular during storage, for different types of equipment: engines, systems, gearboxes, bearings and LRU (Line Replaceable Units).

The major protectives are depending upon the application on the aircraft for internal preservation of engine/hydraulic for external airframe applications. Piston engines, oils are used for preventing the cold corrosion for external purpose. Non-drying oily film protective, solvent-deposited protectives, Hot-dip protective are for internal purpose.

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Learn more about a selection of our NYCOPROTEC products:

NYCOPROTEC 03 is a concentrate of anti-corrosion additives.

NYCOPROTEC 04 is a petroleum oil based on a mineral turbine oil fortified with a corrosion-inhibiting additive package.

NYCOPROTEC 05 is a petroleum oil based on a mineral piston engine oil.

NYCOPROTEC 06 is a mineral oil with a technical additive concentrate containing corrosion inhibitors.

NYCOPROTEC 12  is a petroleum oil fortified with anti-corrosion additives.

NYCOPROTEC 8131 is a solvent-dispersed corrosion preventive.

NYCOPROTEC 8132 is a solvent-dispersed corrosion preventive compound.

NYCOPROTEC 8188 is made of neopolyol esters, anti-oxydant, anti-wear and corrosion inhibitors.

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