Environmental Responsibilities :

An Environment Impact Assessment on the types of base stocks, additives and raw material handled at the plant and the processes adopted were studied by  an independent agency and based on their report the Site clearance was obtained from the Haryana Government prior to the setting up of the plant.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Haryana State Pollution Control Board, the AVI-OIL manufacturing unit is equipped with chimney stacks of appropriate height, an effluent treatment plant and a solid waste disposal site. With these facilities AVI-OIL has a zero effluent status, which has been maintained since its inception.

AVI-OIL is fully aware of the environment impact of the products being handled on the HSE of the ecosystem and biosystem. With proper well documented instructions, procedures and provision of Material Safety Data Sheets, the impact is kept to a minimum. Plantation of trees on a continuous basis, and creation of a green belt in the premises projects  a “green image”. The target is  to maintain this image and constantly upgrade our material handling, storage and disposal procedures in line with  international norms.

The unit is periodically inspected and the samples of Air, Water and Solid waste generated are evaluated by an independent agency accredited by the Haryana State Pollution Control Board for compliance with the norms prescribed by the State and Central Pollution Control Boards. Based on this evaluation, the consent to operate the plant with respect to compliance under the `Water Act` `Air Act` and `Hazardous Waste Management Act` have been obtained and are renewed on an annual basis.

 Environmental Policy :

AVI-OIL INDIA (P) LTD, engaged in DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, FORMULATION, AND MANUFACTURE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE AND SPECIALITY LUBRICANTS FOR AEROSPACE, DEFENCE AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS, firmly believes that conservation and protection of the Environment is an essential element of the company’s vision and operations and that an effective “Environmental Management System” is of prime importance towards this.

AVI-OIL enunciates this policy as an integral part of its Company’s Vision and considers the Context of the organization and related risks and opportunities for enhancing its Environmental performance, and is committed to:

  • Fostering a Culture that creates awareness for an Environmentally responsible behavior by its employees.
  • Protection of Environment, Prevention of Pollution and Continual Improvement
  • Fulfil the Compliance Obligations including Legal and other requirements related to the Environment
  • Setting Objectives for the protection of the environment with an integrated process of periodic review for improvement.
  • Operate and maintain the Plant and Facilities so as to support and enhance the performance of the Environmental Management System.
  • Upgrading the Technology for a continuous improvement for prevention and reduction of waste generation and pollution
  • Create awareness amongst all the Stakeholders, for conserving natural resources and energy, through well-defined documentation and procedures including Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures.

 Certification :

 AVI-OIL has implemented an Environmental Management System which is certified for compliance with pdf-link ISO 14001 :2015


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