Other Engines, Gear Boxes, Transmission, Instrument and Weapon Oils

Specific solutions for a better lubrication

NYCOLUBE ® includes high performance synthetic and mineral oils covering a wide range of applications from land vehicles (trucks, tanks …), helicopters, outboard vessels, aircraft instruments, weapon protection.

Product spotlights

NYCOLUBE 3525    O-155 MIL-PRF-6086 E g. M, DCSEA 255, DEF-STAN 91-112, OEP-70 Helicopter gear oil
NYCOLUBE 64    O-153 MIL-PRF-6086 E g. L, DEF-STAN 91-112, OEP-30 Helicopter gear oil, cold climate
NYCOLUBE 7870             O-142 MIL-PRF-7870 C, DEF-STAN 91-47, OM-12 Instrument mineral lubricating oil
NYCOLUBE 11B    O-147 MIL-PRF-6085 D, DEF-STAN 91-49, OX-14 Instrument synthetic lubricating oil
NYCOLUBE 294    O-1178 TL 9150-0080 Heavy duty multigrade 0W30 engine oil
NYCOLUBE 210    O-1177 DCSEA 242, TC-W3 2-stroke outboard engine oil, biodegradable
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NYCOLUBE 127    S-758 MIL-PRF-63460 E, BT-PS-661 A Weapon CLP lubricant
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NYCOLUBE 269    O-1179 DCSEA 215/B 4-stroke engine synthetic oil, SAE 5W-40

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