Mr. V. K. Mathew, CEO AVI-OIL  The article published in Aviation world [Wing India 2018] Hyderabad 
Mr. V. K. Mathew, CEO Avi-Oil speaks Aeromag on the Company’s product portfolio, thrust areas and related matters.
Mr. V.K. Mathew, CEO, Avi-Oil, in an interview with Mr. Vishal Kashyap, Aviation World.
Avi-Oil and our joint venture partner NYCO, France attended the 19th Lubricating Grease Conference (NLGI-India Chapter) in Varanasi, India from February 2nd to the 4th. Mr. Siegfried Lucazeau, NYCO’s Product Manager for Industry & Automotive, had presented a paper on  “Synthetic Esters: Performance Fluids for High Capability Greases.” Check the presentation abstract  Abstract-NYCO_NLGI-India-2017Download Contact us […]
CEO of AVI-OIL, Mr. V.K. Mathew appeared with his views on “Avi-Oil Leaning on Aviation and Industrial Lubricants” ….. published in Aeromag Asia “Face to Face” during AeroIndia 2017.
V. K. Mathew, CEO of Avi-Oil, sits down with TOGY to discuss his company’s current field of operations, challenges facing diversification in the lubricants sector and advice to investors looking to enter the Indian market. The firm mainly supplies India’s defence sector with specific lubricants for aviation and other vehicles. read more…    Download the press […]

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