Multi-purpose and specific greases for standard or extreme applications: high temperature, high loads, high speed

NYCO GREASE® is a range of high-performance greases designed to withstand standard to extreme applications: high temperature, speed, or high pressure; as well as salty, humid or corrosive environments.

Product spotlights

NYCO GREASE GN 05 G-359 MIL-G-3545 C, AIR 4205/B Heavy duty aircraft grease
NYCO GREASE GN 06 G-355 DCSEA 355, DEF-STAN 91-54, XG-285 Multi-purpose aircraft grease for airframe
NYCO GREASE GN 10 G-354 MIL-PRF-23827 C, DCSEA 354/a General purpose grease
NYCO GREASE GN 15 G-382 MIL-G-7711 A, DCSEA 382/A Grease with MoS2
NYCO GREASE GN 17 G-353 MIL-G-21164 D, DCSEA 353/A General purpose and wheel bearing grease
NYCO GREASE GN 22 G-395 MIL-81322 G, DCSEA 395/B Calcium petroleum grease, Russian
NYCO GREASE GN 140 G-421 TL 9150-0075 Heavy duty multi-purpose grease
NYCO GREASE GN 142 G-414 DCSEA 301/A Vehicles & armament grease
NYCO GREASE GN 145 G-403 MIL-PRF-10924 G Artillery grease
NYCO GREASE GN 155 G-460 STM 310/A Marine grease
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NYCO GREASE GN 25013 G-372 MIL-G-25013 E Extreme temperature silicone grease
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NYCO GREASE GN HC G-363 AMS G 6032 Type I, DCSEA 363, DEF-STAN 91-6, XG-235 Oil and hydrocarbon resistant grease
NYCO GREASE GNGA 47 S-720 AMS 2518 A, AIR 4247/A Graphited anti-seize compound
NYCO 65 Vaseline     S-743 VV-P-236 A, AIR 3565/A Light lubricating and assembly vaseline

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