Ground Gas Turbines

Synthetic lubricants for stationary industrial gas turbines

High performance turbine oils, dedicated to aero-derivative gas turbine performance, with excellent thermal oxidation stability, engine cleanliness and superior lubricity.

Generating performance!

Thanks to its in-depth understanding of turbine technology and technical requirements in this field, AVI-OIL provides tried and tested products for the efficient lubrication of marine and industrial aero-derivative gas turbines.

The applications for aero-derviative gas turbines cover:

•    Power generation (simple and combined cycle, cogeneration, etc.),
•    Oil & gas (onshore and offshore, energy generation, mechanical drive, drilling, injection, pumping, pipeline boosting, etc.),
•    Marine propulsion.

HYDRAUNYCOIL® includes high performance mineral and synthetic fluids for hydraulic systems at high and low temperature. Our fluids have outstanding properties regarding resistance to fire and extreme pressure, anti-corrosion and biodegradability.

Our aero-derivative gas turbine oils


Standard grade turbine oil for LM series, AVON, RB211… type turbines

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Turbine oil designed for high temperature equipment

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Benefiting from its long-term experience of ex-Soviet Union technology, We have developed turbine oils compliant with the requirements of Russian-made gas turbines.

TURBONYCOIL 321: analogue of MS-8P for the majority of Russian designed gas turbines (Mashproekt)
TURBONYCOIL 210A: analogue of the Russian type IPM-10

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