AVI-OIL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (‘AVI-OIL’ or ‘the Company’) has been an adopter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative. Along with sustained economic performance, environment and social stewardship is also a key factor for holistic business growth. AVI-OIL was established in 1993 as a Private Limited Company. The Company’s activities at present involve manufacturing and selling of lubricating oils and greases, both mineral and synthetic. It now aims at providing a dedicated approach to the Community development and also to fulfil its CSR commitments. AVI-OIL intends to initiate working towards removing malnutrition, improving healthcare Infrastructure and supporting education. AVI-OIL aims to make a difference among local communities. The AVI-OIL Philosophy focus has always been to contribute to the sustainable development of the society and environment, and to make our planet a better place for future generations.


AVI-OIL is committed to conduct its business in a socially responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly manner and to continuously work towards improving quality of life of the communities in and around its Operational area.

Focus Areas

The CSR activities will be focussed on the below broad theme with a goal to improve overall socio economic indicator of Company’s area of operations:

•    Promoting education and sports.
•    Promoting health care, sanitation and make safe drinking water available.
•    Promoting employment and livelihood through training and vocational skill development.
•    Ensuring Sustainable Environment.
•    Promoting Community Development Projects.
•    Livelihood opportunities through various modes.

Undertaking CSR Activities

CSR Activities will include projects or programs or initiatives relating to those specified in Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013, excluding activities undertaken in pursuance of normal course of business. Components of CSR activities would include modalities of execution, implementation schedule, modalities of utilisation of funds, and monitoring mechanism.

The projects and programs will be executed either or by:

•    AVI-OIL itself in partnership with local bodies, government, various NGO partners, service provider and others, whichever               feasible,
•    Through a Registered Trust or Registered Society or a Company established by the Company, shareholding Companies,                   Subsidiary or Associate Company,
•    Contribution to the Corpus of a Trust/ Society, whereas the trust and society is created exclusively to undertake the CSR               activities and the Corpus is created to undertake the activities as defined under the Companies Act 2013.


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

CSR Committee consists of the following members:

S. No. Name Designation Position in Committee
1 Mr. Adika Ratna Sekhar Director Chairman
2 Mr. D. C. Shroff Director Member
3 Mr. Hemant Kumar Rathore Director Member
4 Ms. Monika Garg Company Secretary Secretary

CSR Activities of AVI-OIL

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