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AVI-OIL has been supplying aviation lubricants to the Defence Services since 1994. The product of AVI-OIL include a wide range of high performance aero-engine oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, protective, and specialities designed to meet stringent requirements of operations over a wide temperature range.

Development of new products for the Defence and Industry is a continuous process at AVI-OIL, through the efforts of its in-house Research & Development unit. The primary aim of the R & D program is to develop mineral and synthetic high performance lubricating oils for the Defence and industrial sectors with particular emphasis on the products required for aircraft in order to achieve self-reliance in this strategic area.

Since the inception of the R & D unit in 2007, several such products have been successfully developed and commercialised. These are marketed under the registered trade name Avilube, Avifluid, Avigrease, Aviprotec, Avikool etc.

Till date more than 50 grades have been developed and commercialised. Notable among them are:

•    Lubricant for heavy artillery equipment
•    Lubricant for aircraft instruments
•    Preservative for ordnance stores
•    Machining fluid for production of aircraft parts
•    Mineral based gear box oil for Helicopters
•    Mineral based gear box oil for Helicopters
•    Radar cooling fluid for unmanned aerial vehicles

The products are taken up for development to cater to the specific requirements of the customer and the R & D projects are considered to be successful and complete only after approval of the grade by the user after satisfactory evaluation of field performance and certification by the relevant authorities.

In-house Research & Development unit of AVI-OIL is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

We also have at access to the R&D facility of NYCO who have devoted significant resources to the development of  innovative and efficient synthetic esters and lubricants for use in the industrial, automotive, aviation and military sectors.

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