Specialty Products and Additives

Corrosion preventers, icing inhibitors, coolants and fuel additives

NYCO offers a variety of products to complete your POL (Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants) and operational needs:

NYCOPROTEC®: corrosion protection compounds for a variety of equipment.
NYCOSOL®: fuel additives, fuel icing inhibitors, cleaning solvents, calibration fluids.
NYCODIEL®: radar cooling dielectric fluids, biodegradable.
NYCO®: additives, anti-seize, anti-icing/de-icing fluids etc.

A few products

NYCO 1750 S-1750 DCSEA 751 Multi-purpose additive for diesel engines (single fuel concept)
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NYCOSOL 13 S-1745 DCSEA 745/A, AL-41  Fuel icing inhibitor, high flash point
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NYCOSOL 131 XS-1745 DCSEA 745/A, AL-48 Fuel icing inhibitor, high flash point with anti-corrosion and lubricity improver
NYCOSOL 51    OJ Lena 65 TU 113-07-02-88 Radar cooling fluid, Russian
NYCODIEL    S-1748 MIL-PRF-87252 C Dielectric cooling fluid for radar
NYCOPROTEC 5    C-609 MIL-C-6529 C Corrosion preventive oil
NYCOPROTEC 8132 C-620 MIL-PRF-16173 E Corrosion preventive compound

This is just a preview of our product range. For more information, contact us or use our product search engine.

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