Neopolyol esters


Thanks to their specific chemical structure, neopolyol esters display very high performance compared with other ester chemistries, and show a unique combination of superior properties, the first being thermo-oxidative stability.

Our neopolyol esters are based on four different alcohols: Neopentylglycol, Trimethylopropane, Monopentaerythritol and Dipentaerythritol.

Main advantages

•    High thermal and oxidative stability
•    Very low evaporation even at low viscosity
•    Excellent low temperature properties
•    Low coking propensity
•    Good frictional properties
•    Good additive solvency
•    Compatible with Group I, II, III and IV base-stocks
•    Good biodegradability and low eco-toxicity profile for most products

They can be used as base fluid or as base stock components.


Our R&D and technical support teams will work with you to design the ester profile to suit your specification and application requirements such as:

•    Hydraulic fluids
•    Air compressor lubricants
•    Turbine oils
•    High temperature chain oils
•    Metalworking fluids
•    4-stroke engine oils
•    Greases

Many of NYCO’s neopolyol esters are also suitable for environmentally-considerate lubricants, such as those used in European Ecolabel compliant lubricants.  See our NYCOGREEN offer for more information.

Some of our neopolyol esters have also been granted HX-1 certification, allowing their use in Food Grade Lubricants approved for incidental food contact (H1-certified). Learn more here.

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