NYCO introduces Nycobase® 30409 FG, new HX-1 certified multipurpose synthetic ester

NYCO has recently gained NSF HX-1 registration for a new synthetic ester, Nycobase® 30409 FG, a multipurpose neopolyol ester.

Nycobase® 30409 FG combines high resistance to oxidation, low volatility, high viscosity index, low pour point, and inherent friction modification/anti-wear properties while keeping cost attractiveness. It is therefore recommended for use in any lubricating application, and in the formulation of lubricants for the food industry in particular, where high performance is required.

Christophe Bocquez, Director of Industrial & Automotive Division at NYCO explains: “NYCO has been proposing HX-1 certified esters since 2009, starting with three products. Responding to the increasing demand from the lubricant industry for developing oils and greases suitable for the lubrication of equipment where incidental food contact can occur, NYCO has continuously extended its Food Grade offer. Now, our ester portfolio includes nine products, covering all applications and providing our customers with solutions to formulate high performance lubricants for the food industry”.

NYCOBASE® Food Grade series include 9 ester base fluids suitable for the formulation of H1 lubricants for incidental food contact. These fluids are used in multiple applications including hydraulic fluids, gear oils, compressor oils, greases, chains lubricants. Products from NYCOBASE® FG series are Halal and Kosher certified, and possess superior thermal stability as well as good low temperature properties. Many of them also show high biodegradability and renewability levels.

These products are available in bulk and in packs (drum, IBC) via NYCO’s network of licensed distributors and subsidiaries.

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